Card Han Solo
Story battle

Han solo:

Han solo the space version of indiana jones

i'm like 007 you stink because live in your costume

and the jetpack will have you're death

Chewbacca:Roaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!

Han solo : oh you can't understand what he's talking

he says you're a clint eastwood's bounty hunter character wanna-be

You're voice is like insects

you're godfather jabba is fat ugly and he hires you like stupid

you can't do bounty's works because you're team jabba's Wobba fett

Boba fett:

Hey you call me Stupid pokemon

You're tatooine's indiana the stupid jones

you're arrogant and always do work for money

Jabba will eat you in dinner

i do my work for jabba not money

I should hunt and leia will cook for jabba

Jabba's kick your girl always and you will die forever

(han solo kills boba fett)

Boba: ahhhhhhhh (wilheim scream)

(Han solo gets freeze in carbonite by vader)


You die in hell solo with freeze 

empire strikes your beak

Luke i am you're father !

empire will kick all the rebels ass

luke you're dumb 

Obi don't know bi nothing about me

Obi wan kenobi:

We're the jedi's bitch ! 

Coward you live the jedi's 

and join angry bird palpatine's shit

(vader slice obi with his lightsaber)

Luke skywalker :

Noooooo you're not my father

you fool stink i'm jedi to kick all sith's 

sith is useful

(leia unfreezes han solo)


solo this is you're last chance

fight me or die

I'm voldemort 

You're fool,ashoule

I'm the greatest villain ever seen !

Han solo i'm you're father in law !

Don't stay with my girl leia

i kill you you survive from 

carbonite doesn't matter

I'm dictador like hitler

i killed hitler

I'm cyborg termi vaderator

Vader: ahahhahahahahahrrrrr

(Luke kills vader with lightsaber)

Han solo: 

vader you're the choosen zero ever seen !

you're hero to zero you kill you're son and then save

now you killed by you're killed by you're own son luke 

You need a  life saver


Shut up you're working solo you're with luke,leia and mufasa

i'm jabba i'm scar on chewie

i kick luke in pit of carkoon

and kill you and your best friend mufasa


(Jabba gets killed by leia)

who won ?

who's next

you decide !

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Han solo vs Boba fett
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 5th december 2015
Written by Shopnil
Directed by Shopnil
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